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New Montana Law and What it Means for Health Goths Everywhere


I stumbled across a very interesting article the other day, about a lawmaker in Helena, Montana, Representative David Moore. Moore submitted House Bill 365 earlier this year that is attempting to make Montana's "indecent exposure" law expand to include yoga pants. Yes you read that correctly. Moore proposes that women who wear yoga pants in public three times should be sentenced to five years in prison.

Representative Buzzkill over here is apparently offended by pants that "reveal the shape of one's buttocks". We can only ASSume that this stems from a deep seeded insecurity about Moore’s own pathetic pancake butt. Squats, Moore! Squats! With the help of Walt Hill, a retired professor in Missoula, the two men drafted the Bill that will help (and I'm paraphrasing here) restore the dignity of Montana and help "preserve Montana’s reputation as a decent state where people can live...and protect their children from degrading and indecent practices".

Hide your wife! Hide your kids! Ladies are walking around Montana in yoga pants! I'm sorry Mr. Moore and Mr. Hill, but I believe the dignity of the great state of Montana ceased to exist when either of you were given a platform to preach from.

So what does this mean for the Health Goths that undoubtedly thrive in the Big Sky state? The original aesthetic of Health Goth has recently been reinterpreted to mean Goths that like fitness. And we're okay with that. Well, Health Goths everywhere, your booties are safe. This bill was tabled almost immediately back in February when it was first introduced. So keep doing your thing in your scandalous yoga pants, and just know that somewhere, David Moore is watching the shape of your buttocks and single handedly degrading the state of Montana

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