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Impaled Chevelle Show Goer


Sad news today. And yes, sadder than someone actually going to a Chevelle show. But we'll keep this civil. Kyle Kirchoff, 24, was tragically killed on Friday the 22nd in a freak accident at a Chevelle show at Chicago's Aragon Ballroom.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Kyle and his friends had decided to watch the performance from the second floor balcony that had been marked as a restricted section of the venue. According to Kyle's friends, at some point during their walk on the venue's catwalks, they noticed that Kyle was no longer with them. Kyle had slipped and fallen on two metal rods about 8 feet below, and ultimately suffered fatal impalement.

Here is the statement made by Chevelle on their Facebook page after the concert was halted by Chicago police:

"To our fans, as you may or may not have heard, an extremely unfortunate event occurred at our show in Chicago Friday night.

We were asked by police to stop our set so that the authorities could tend to an injured fan. Once the severity of the accident was determined the authorities cleared out the venue to give them time to investigate. We want to thank our Chicago fans for their respect of the authorities and for understanding that these decisions made by the authorities were out of our control. We love our fans in Chicago and while there was no question that the show would be cut short in light of this tragic event, we will be sure to play for you all again as soon as possible.

We are deeply saddened by the passing of Chevelle fan Kyle Kirchhoff and at this time we ask that you all keep Kyle and his family in your thoughts and prayers."

Here at Metalliance, we wish to extend this sentiment as we mourn the loss of such a young life. Rest in peace, Kyle, your death was about as metal as they come.

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